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Lordz 2.IO

Attack: left mouse button

Special power: right mouse button

Movement: W-A-S-D

Build: B

Buy a soldier: U

Army formation: F

Change formation: C

Upgrade soldier: Y

Split an army: space bar

Map: M

Leaderboard: L

Menu: Esc

Chat: Enter

Here we have the second installment into the popular .io game called, where you’ll be fighting against enemies from all around the world. This installment brings the option of improving your character, but the overall principle of the game stays the same. Build the biggest army and defeat your enemies. That won’t be as simple as it might seem, though. You will have to collect coins slowly that will later help you improve your army. At the same time, try to build up your defenses, so that the enemies have a harder time attacking you. Aside from that you also have to attack them. When you manage to do that, you will get to the top of the scoreboard, where you’ll have to try to stay.