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Orbital Defense

Orbital Defense is the newest game of the Retoxin Games. It is an action game where you protect your orbit against red enemies. Each enemy attack comes in waves, and at the end of each wave you will have a chance to rest and make purchases to increase your abilities. To make purchases, you must collect the hexagons that appear in your orbit. You can also fill your power by firing and hitting the blue circles that appear inside the orbit. Also, if you are lucky, your supporters occasionally appear in the game in the form of triangles, squares and hexagons and they shoot around. You can follow how much power your orbit is left from the number located in the middle. From the red bar at the bottom of the screen, you can see how long the enemy attack wave will last. Each tap on the screen (or mouse click if you are playing from the computer) triggers firing and direction change. Have fun!

If you would like to install the game to your Android phone please simply click the below Google Play logo.

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Game video:

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